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Kim Bernard

Kim Bernard is our head coach at Cobequid Spartans. Kim is a Level 3 Women's Artistic Gymnastics Coach with more than 30 years experience. She has coached national level athletes, produced countless provincial and Atlantic champions. 

Krista Henderson


Level 3 Trampoline Coach Certification

Head of the trampoline program here at Cobequid Spartans.

Heidi Brownell

Level 2 Trampoline Coach Certification

Competitive Trampoline Coach

Brittany Green

Level 2 Women's Artistic Gymnastics Coach Training

Level 2 Trampoline Coach Training

Competitive and Developmental Gymnastics Coach

Michelle Totten 

Level 2 Trampoline Coach Certification

Level 2 Women's and Men's Artistic Gymnastics Coach Training

Pre Competitive Gymnastics Coach

Recreational Staff

We have numerous recreational coaches and CIT's that help our programs succeed.

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