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Cobequid Spartans Gymnastics & Trampoline

19 Lower Truro Rd, Truro Nova Scotia B2N 1C1

(902) 895-7727


A little about what we offer

We offer a range of classes that introduce the sport of artistic gymnastics. Practicing skills on the vault, bars, beam, and floor, participants will improve agility and flexibility, gain strength and balance, all while learning a lot of fun skills! The skills learned in a gymnastics class not only prepare an athlete for more dedicated gymnastics training but also provide a solid skill background that can be transferred to almost any sport. In addition to the four main apparatus, participants will also have opportunities to use other equipment in the gym, such as trampolines, rings, rope swings, and much more!

All of our classes require a minimum of 3 athletes to run or the class will be cancelled.


















Kindergym - Ages (Walking to 3yrs)

45-minute class that is designed for learning movement patterns, socialization and play.


Pre-School (3-5yrs)

1hour program that teaches hand-eye coordination, body awareness, jumping, swinging, rotation, locomotion etc. It is a good basic start to skills and fun.


Private daycare

Booking in advanced required


School Groups or Home School Group

As part of the students physical development, we offer times for school field trips to the gym for students to learn some basic gymnastic skills and an opportunity for fitness and fun. Call for more details. 


Diffability Assisted Class

45 minute program with different classes available for specific ages. We believe that everyone should get to participate in an extra curricular activity, no matter their limitations. Each participant brings an adult with them to join in the class, who gets to be part of their successes. We will do all 4 events, some tumble track and possibly trampoline.


Recreational Gymnastics(5-12yrs)

1 hour program to learn and understand the basic skills, beginner gymnastics that follows badges 1 to 4 of the CanGym Program.


Advanced Recreational Gymnastics (8-12yrs)

2 hour program that teaches advanced skills on 4 events. Athletes in this program will follow badges 5 and 6 of the CanGym Program.


Intermediate Gymnastics (8-16yrs)

4 hour program (2hrs/2x Week) where gymnasts learn advanced artistic skills with increased focus on the Junior Olympic Program. They will take part in 2 fun meets; at the non competitive level. This class is by invitation only.


Recreational Trampoline

This class is an introductory class for those who have none or limited trampoline experience and would like to learn and/or fine tune skills for fun or to move to the advanced trampoline class. Athletes will follow the CanJump Program as well as working on strength, flexibility, and basic gymnastics skills to help with their trampoline training.


Beginner Tumbling (6+ yrs)

1 hour program that focuses on strength, coordination and and basic tumbling skills. 


Advanced Tumbling

Requires CanGym Bronze badge or CanJump Tumbling Step 3


Ninja Class (5-12 yrs)

This is a new sport discipline inspired by gymnastics, obstacle training, and freestyle movement. Children learn a combination of flips, rolls, jumps, and kicks. Strength and agility are tested through obstacle courses and various training techniques.


Pre-Competitive Gymnastics (5-7 yrs)

This program is by invitation only. Athletes are assessed by competitive staff and invited into a program to prepare them for competitive gymnastics when they reach competition age.


Competitive Programming (Ages 8yrs +)

This is an invitation only program. Participants are scouted out during class times by competitive coaching staff. 




Ages 18months - 5 years




Ages 5-12

Recreational Gymnastics

Recreational Trampoline


Ages 8-12

Advanced Tumbling

Advanced Rec Gymnastics

Advanced Rec Trampoline


Ages 8-16

Intermediate Gymnastics JR

Intermediate Gymnastics SR