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A little about what we offer

We offer a range of classes that introduce the sport of artistic gymnastics and trampoline. Practicing skills on the vault, bars, beam, floor, and trampoline participants will improve agility and flexibility, gain strength and balance, all while learning a lot of fun skills! The skills learned in a gymnastics class not only prepare an athlete for more dedicated gymnastics training but also provide a solid skill background that can be transferred to almost any sport. All of our classes require a minimum of 3 athletes to run or the class will not be held.

Important Dates:

2022/2023 Term #1 Online registration has now closed.

Contact the office to see if we have space left

2022/2023 Term #1 runs form Sept 19th, 2022 - Dec 10th, 2022.


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Kinder-Gym (Ages Walking - 3)

45-minute class that is designed for learning movement patterns, and play. Parents/guardians and children attend this class together. This class is semi structured, participants are encouraged to complete coach lead circuits followed by free play in the gym if time allows. Since parents are on the floor during this class they must be registered with GNS. Registration includes 1 parent registration. Any additional parents/adults that attend even 1 class must be registered and will be charged $30 per person. Adults on the floor must be 18 years or age or be the legal guardian of the child to participate on the floor. 

Preschool (Ages 3-5)

45 minute program to learn movement patterns, and beginning basic skills. Program has levels 1 through 3 which lead into Advanced where they will begin learning skills in the CanGym recreational program.


Diff-abilities (Ages 1-12)

We believe that gymnastics is for everyone, so we are offering this program for children of all different abilities to enjoy a safe place to be active. The class is 30 minutes in length. Parents/guardians/caregivers (18+) attend this class with the child to give them assistance when needed. The class can be structured or you may choose to let your child play in our safe space on the equipment provided by staff (There are limitations to what is available for free play).

Private daycare groups

Booking in advanced required. Please contact the program director at for bookings.

Recreational Gymnastics (5-12yrs)

1 hour program to learn and understand the basic skills, beginner gymnastics that follows badges 1 to 4 of the CanGym Program.


Advanced Recreational Gymnastics (8-14yrs)

2 hour program that teaches advanced skills on 4 events. Athletes in this program will follow badges 5 and 6 of the CanGym Program.


Recreational Trampoline (5-12yrs)

This class is an introductory class for those who have none or limited trampoline experience and would like to learn and/or fine tune skills for fun or to move to the advanced trampoline class. Athletes will follow the CanJump Program as well as working on strength, flexibility, and basic gymnastics skills to help with their trampoline training.

Advanced Trampoline (8 - 14yrs)
2 hour program that teaches advanced skills on double mini and trampoline. Athletes in this program will follow steps 5 and up of the CanJump Program.


Ninja Class (5-12 yrs)

This discipline is inspired by gymnastics, obstacle training, and freestyle movement. Children learn a combination of flips, rolls, jumps, and kicks. Strength and agility are tested through obstacle courses and various training techniques. 


Ages walking - 5 years




Ages 5-12

Recreational Gymnastics

Recreational Trampoline


Ages 8-12

Advanced Rec Gymnastics

Advanced Rec Trampoline

Ages 1 - 12

Drop-in classes

Participants attend with an adult 18+

Structured or free play

Supervised by certified instructor

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