COVID 19 Information

What you need to know about Spartans during COVID 19

What we are doing to help prevent the spread of COVID 19

We have enhanced our cleaning and disinfecting practices.

Classes are shorter to ensure adequate time for cleaning between classes.

Our cleaning procedures include, but are not limited to, fogging of all equipment and public spaces using Vital Oxide disinfectant, and spraying carpeted areas with disinfectant.

A COVID fee has been added to all program fees to offset the cost of supplies and cleaning due to COVID 19. 

This page includes information such as:

Program Updates

COVID 19 Protocols at Spartans

Sick Policy (COVID 19)

Updates to Recreational Programs - November 2020

Spartans COVID 19 Protocols - Updated November 2020

  1. Masks are required upon entry of our facility. They must be  kept on until instructed by a coach when and where they may be removed. Masks left at the gym will be discarded. Children under the age of 2 are exempt from wearing a mask.

  2. Water fountain is off limits. Athletes must bring a water bottle with them every day.

  3. Washrooms are for emergencies only. Please try to refrain from using them. There is one stall available if needed.

  4. There is no viewing for any of our classes. Therefore, no parents are allowed in the gym other than participants of the Parent & Tot, Kindergym, Diff-abilities and Preschool programs. Only one parent or guardian is permitted to attend with each child for the listed programs to ensure they follow physical distancing protocols.

  5. A 5 Minute drop off window is in place. Parents are to drop athletes off at the front door. The door will be opened 5 minutes prior to class start time. There is no parking available at the gym (Kindergym, Preschool and Diff-abilities excluded). The entrance door will then be locked at the start time of class to ensure proper entry protocols and sanitizing is followed.

  6. At the end of class, coaches will bring athletes out the exit door at the side of the gym and line up along the building. Parents are to park in the parking lots beside Spartans (not in-front) and must get out of their cars and go to their child and walk them back to their cars. No children are allowed to cross the parking lot by themselves.

  7. Physical distancing between groups is required when travelling throughout the gym. Athlete groups are to distance from one another. Athletes within the same group do not need to physically distance as per the guidelines set forth by Gymnastics Nova Scotia. Coaches may assist athletes with skills if needed but will be wearing masks when doing so.

  8. Waivers and declarations must be accepted online before athletes are permitted to enter our facility. All members and staff must abide by the declaration of compliance at all times.

Sick Policy regarding COVID 19

  • If a child, or anyone in the child's household, is showing flu-like symptoms, they are not permitted to attend class as per the Declaration of Compliance, signed by all members (Electronically).

  • We have a two week make up period to help aid in the compliance of the Declaration for when classes are missed due to COVID 19/ COVID 19 like symptoms. A maximum of 2 make up classes will be offered. Make up classes will be scheduled at the end of the term based on coach availability and eligible individuals will be contacted with a scheduled make up time.

  • To be eligible for a make up class, you MUST contact the gym prior to your child's class start time to inform the staff your child will not be attending due to COVID 19 protocols. Voicemails and emails will be accepted if received prior to your child's class start time.

  • If a coach is showing symptoms, they will stay home and a replacement will be found. If no replacement can be found, that coach's class will be cancelled for that day and rescheduled during our two week make up period at the regularly scheduled time. Parents will be contacted directly in this case.