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COVID 19 Information

What you need to know about Spartans during COVID 19

What we are doing to help prevent the spread of COVID 19

Our staff is fully vaccinated.
Equipment is sanitized daily after classes.
Sanitization stations are available at each event and all entrances.
Protocols will be updated continuously as restrictions change.
CSGC reserves the right to make changes to protocols at anytime throughout the season. 



Spartans COVID 19 Protocols - Updated April 2022

  1. Masks are to be worn by all individuals entering our facility that are not participating in a class. This includes spectators, people visiting the office, and parents/helpers attending kindergym. Individuals who do not comply or harass staff will be asked to leave as per the Fair Play guidelines sign upon registration.

  2. Children showing symptoms of any illness will be asked to wear a mask throughout their class regardless if they have been tested for COVID 19 as we do not want to spread illness of any kind to other members or staff. If you do not want your child to wear a mask during class, keep them home.

  3. If you need to take a drink in the viewing area, you may temporarily removed your masks to do so. Masks must be put back over your mouth and nose immediately after doing so. 

  4. Children will be required to sanitize their hands upon entering the gym. Sanitizer will be available at each event but children are not required to use it after each event unless they have coughed, sneeze or show any signs if illness. If your child is sensitive to hand sanitizer, they may bring their own with them to class, or wash their hands at the sink when required. 
  5. Waivers and declarations must be accepted online before athletes are permitted to enter our facility. All members and staff must abide by the declaration of compliance at all times.

COVID-19 Absence Policy

  • As per the Declaration of Compliance signed by all members upon registration, children are not allowed to attend class if they are feeling ill. No credits will be given. 

  • Cobequid Spartans reserves the right to send a child home if they feel the child is sick.

  • If your child is a close contact of someone with COVID 19 please follow public health guidelines and refrain from attending class during your isolation period. Isolation period length may change as updates are given by public health. Please contact us to let us know if your child is sick or a close contact of someone with COVID 19.

  • Cobequid Spartans reserves the right to increase COVID 19 protocols at any time if they see fit. 

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