Since 1979, Cobequid Spartans has been an important part of our community and has touched the lives of thousands of children. Currently over 700 children are part  of the Cobequid Spartans family involved in our recreational and competitive programs. Since the beginning, Spartans has produced athletes that compete at

provincial, national and international levels.


Gymnastics and trampoline are sports that focus young minds, elevate fitness and develop self-discipline, confidence, coordination and team spirit. Your child’s time here at our gym is a building block in developing a love for healthy living and fitness that will become a life long habit. 


When this facility opened over 37 years ago, our gym was the best-equipped facility east of Montreal. In 2016 we had to move from our former home located on the NSPE grounds because of an aging facility.  Our current home is a temporary one and our goal is to build a new facility where the children of this community and surrounding areas can do what they love in a healthy and safe environment. We realize that it will be a huge undertaking, with no immediate tangible results, but we know that it is necessary to ensure the sustainability of our club for years to come. It has been talked about for many years, but now is the time for us to begin to plan for our future and the continued success of this club. It is projected that a new facility will cost upwards of $1.5 million dollars. We cannot do this without your help! 


We began in May 2010 as part of your registration to issue tickets for cash draws to be held twice a year. The tickets must be purchased when you register. You then have the option to fill out the tickets yourself or sell them to family and friends to recover your costs. Proceeds from these events are used to offset the increased operational costs in our current temporary home and any excess is saved towards a new facility.




The Cobequid Spartans Gymnastic Centre is a non- profit gymnastics club. Our mission is to develop champions at every level, in a safe, healthy and rewarding environment, while enhancing the physical, social, and emotional wellbeing of our athletes 





In pursuit of our Mission and Vision, we adhere to the following core values that guide all program planning and delivery excellence - in everything we do. We are committed to fostering an environment that will challenge athletes and coaches to achieve their fullest potential while learning important lessons such as discipline, commitment, passion, respect, and fair play. We believe that high quality, certified, ethical coaching and consistent standards across all of our programs are the foundations for our success. 




For all. We are committed to providing an environment of respect for our gym, athletes, coaches, volunteers, spectators and ourselves. 




By nurturing a culture grounded in good sportsmanship and fair play; in demonstrating modesty in victory and composure in defeat; in celebrating individual and team success; and in encouraging one another in the face of adversity or challenge. 


Diversity and Inclusiveness


By ensuring equal participation for all, regardless of gender, race, ethnicity, socioeconomic status, or ability, and striving to develop programs and services that foster inclusiveness and success at every level. 




By developing leaders from within; investing in the personal growth and development of our athletes and coaches, giving them the opportunity to take on leadership roles within our gym community. 




By promoting gymnastics as a foundation sport that supports physical performance and endurance in all other athletic pursuits. We believe all athletes, regardless of skill level, can enjoy the benefits of gymnastics, while enjoying a healthy, active lifestyle for a lifetime. 

 Our office is currently closed due to COVID 19

Please feel free to leave us a voicemail message or email and we will get back to you as soon as possible!

Cobequid Spartans Gymnastics & Trampoline

19 Lower Truro Rd, Truro Nova Scotia B2N 1C1

(902) 895-7727